Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rights of Citizenship

As we all know, the debate over illegal immigration, or as the politically correct people want to desensitize everyone into thinking, the undocumented immigrants, continues every day and is a hotly contested argument. (Hop to the proposed Constitutional Amendment)

The basic principle of immigration is to allow people to come into the country to better themselves and, hopefully, better the country by bringing their experiences, knowledge, and skills.  The United States has a well documented and comprehensive set of Immigration laws that provide for immigrants to apply for entry and either stay for a certain time limit, or to being the process towards Naturalization to become a United States Citizen.  The powers that be, though, seem to think that allowing individuals to enter the country illegally should not hinder their ability to become United States Citizens.

This thought process should stop.  There are reasons why there are quotas on different Visas and the number of people that are allowed to immigrate in total and/or by country.  Allowing unfettered access across the borders causes many problems, including a failure of the individuals to integrate into society in a reasonably controllable manner, immigrants who are undocumented are not known to the taxing authorities and therefore they can't enforce collecting taxes from them, some immigrants come here specifically to have babies so that they can then use the baby as an anchor to gain residency status and citizenship that way, and other problems that have been debated ad nauseum.  Of course, the other side of the debate tends to disagree with all these points and the debate rages on.

The only way to end the debate once and for all is a Constitutional limit on what Congress and the President can do in regards to altering the laws or disregarding the laws that are already on the books.  Therefore, I propose this Constitutional Amendment.

Whether or not you agree, please feel free to comment.  If you would like to assist in getting this, or any of the amendments currently on this blog, into the process for addition to the Constitution, or have ideas for others that you think are needed, please comment or contact me.

Please remember to review the PROPOSED AMENDMENT before you leave.

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  1. I greatly agree with your suggestions, except re: The Jay Treaty, which allows Native North Americans to travel freely across the border, "with all rights and privileges afforded that country's citizenship" or something very close. This treaty was made before the USA was born, if I recall. I believe the illegal immigrants, drive down wages, fail to assimilate, disrespect laws while in our country. Not all, but most, and those items for me, do not constitute "Good Citizenry" to me. My 2 copper.

    1. Not sure about your reference to the Jay Treaty in your comment. In Section 1 of the proposed amendment here the Jay Treaty is specifically included, as that is something that shouldn't be overridden by a constitutional amendment.

      The Jay Treaty was from 1794 and was a follow up to the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War.