Monday, July 15, 2013

Black on White Racism - No Such Thing?

I have been watching the web and Twitter the last few days, and I keep seeing a recurring theme that pops up at me.  Over and over again, I see posts from blacks that say, in effect or directly:

 "I am black, and because I am black, I can't be racist."

If you look at any definition of racism, it will look similar to this:


  1. The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as...
  2. Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.

Of course, the obvious part here is the second definition, but it ties into the first.  The second definition talks of prejudice or discrimination directed towards someone based on a belief, and ties into the first definition, that the people of the other race have different characteristics or abilities, and this can be extended to rights as well.

The blacks posting these comments feel that they are not treated the same as whites, or hispanics, or whatever other race you want to include here.  They feel that these other races are different then them and therefore hold prejudice against whites or these other races.  To clarify, a prejudice is a preconceived notion or idea not based on personal experience.  The concept that is expressed by many of the people posting on the web is that all white folks would kill them if they could.  This is a prejudiced notion against white folks that falls into a belief of a character trait of white people.  And this is a very true and correct definition of racism and anyone who professes any of these is, by definition, a racist.

The idea that because you are of one race or another, you can't be a racist is counter to the idea of racism.  The idea that each race is different from the other, understanding and accepting those differences is the anti-thesis of racism.  But when you voice an opinion about an entire race, when the entire race does not, or has not, engaged in that behavior, that is clearly racism.

In fact, this goes back and forth when you have a situation where one side is arguing that the other is racist, and the main countering argument is that the second person is racist.  I hate to say it folks, but everyone, even in some minor little way, is racist.  We all have our own preconceived ideas about people of other races, and subconsciously, whether we intend to or not, will harbor some prejudice towards that other race.

The mark of a good man in this case, is the one who recognizes that he has this prejudice, faces it, engages with the members of that other race, and learns for himself what the people of that race are like, feel, know, and act like.  When we continue to separate ourselves from people of the other race, we continue to harbor those thoughts of what "they" are like and will continue to be prejudiced and may even unintentionally discriminate against them.

It is time for people on both sides of the race divide to understand this and try to find common ground. 


  1. I agree with this one as well! My only clarifying point, related to another post of yours is: Americans are racist against Mexicans and/or Central/South America. That is not true, in my heart. Taking the issue of illegal immigration, we hear time and time again, that people who are against amnesty, are racist. I would love for the other side of the fence here to be known. We are angry, frustrated with you, AND Our own Government! We know that you pay a lot of money, in search of a better life! I get that, ANY human would do that! On the flip side is the arrogance portrayed by the illegals, they march down OUR STREETS, carrying above their head ... Who's Flag? Mexico's Flag?? Our laws are repeatedly broken, illegals get arrested, and give fake names, then have a "failure to appear", which then issues a bench warrant. Perhaps if we saw more respect from the Latino community, by carrying the flag of the country they WANT to belong to, by abiding

  2. BY ALL LAWS as permanent residents, or U.S. Citizens are required to, or we get arrested, we go to jail! You guys are rewarded with our Precious Citizenship? Does someone of a Latin American Country not see that some of this, is your own fault? Claiming kids on your taxes, that are in Mexico? Sexual abuse, because in many states, age of consent, is between 16 and 18? Do any of you see, that in some way, your own people have caused your own PR issue? Oregon Prisons, for example, are at about 30% Hispanic? I think there are too much sound bite quotes going through Main Street media, and not enough, journalism. Just my 2 copper.

    1. Thanks for your input.

      I agree with you that assimilation into our society, and having loyalty to your new country is a critical missing component in today's immigrant. I am not saying they have to give up their heritage or historical backgrounds, but I think they need to be more focused on where they are now and support the country they came to, by their choice, rather than supporting their birth country against the US or its citizens so much.