How you can help

Now that you have read the information, how can you help get these things done?

With the capability to send an Amendment through the states, and if enough submit it to Congress, they have to allow the states to consider it, then we need to:
  1. Get the word out on any of the Amendments on here that you like.
  2. Tweet or ReTweet any of the pages or my links on Twitter
  3. Post to Facebook
  4. Email to your friends, and
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY - send the Amendment to your state legislature!
The more people that send the Amendment to a particular state legislature, the more likely it is that it will even get to the floor there for debate.  If I could, I would send it to every member of every state legislature directly, but I don't have a e-mail list for them all.  If you have one for your state legislature that you can put into csv format, let me know or send to me at


Amendment Guy
Twitter @amendment_guy

P.S. On a personal note, if you want to help me out to support my efforts, send me an e-mail at


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